Program Features,,
Family Keylogger has been designed with ease of use for all customers, even the most computer illiterate out there will be up and running quickly with Family Keylogger. Here is a list of program features:

Webcam Capture NEW:
Family Keylogger now captures images from webcams!, this means if your child, spouse or employee is using the computer/laptop to chat via webcam you will get snapshots of the webcam image. These can be taken at intervals of 10 seconds upwards which makes sure you capture everything done on the target machine.

Keystroke Recording:
Family Keylogger will pick up ALL keystrokes made on the target machine, it will even pick up any passwords typed even if they are masked by a ****!. The playback facility lets you search through the keystroke logs to find keywords easily saving you hours of sifting through lines and lines of text.

Programs Launched:

Family Keylogger will pick up ALL programs that the user runs/installs or launches whilst the keylogger is active. This is especially handy to see what they may be using such as chat software, webcam viewers etc. Combine that with the keystroke recorder and you have a really powerful combination.

Clipboard Recorder:

Family Keylogger will pick up ALL text saved into the clipboard, this is especially useful when people are copy/pasting usernames and passwords to try and get around any monitoring software. Family Keylogger will record ALL clipboard entries which makes our software THE number One keylogger to use.

Screenshot Recorder:
Family Keylogger will also take screenshots every 60 seconds or less, (minimum is every 10 seconds) which will give you proof of any chat sessions, programs run and websites visited. If they deny using the pc or laptop, or they deny visiting a certain website you can them confront them with proof. Screenshots quality can also be adjusted right down to minimize space used.

Drag & Drop Screenshots:
Sometimes it will become necessary to copy the screenshots to a folder or usb stick as proof, we have made this as easy as possible and you can now simply drag the screenshot to your desktop or a folder on your hard drive.

Real-Time Playback Mode:
Load your logs into the program and click on the playback button to watch everything in real time - as it happened on the target machine, this is like having a personal video recorder on your pc or laptop.

Email & FTP Upload:

You can choose to save logs anywhere on your pc or laptop and also the ability to upload them to either an email address or your own ftp site. This is great for remote viewing and to make sure the logs cannot be deleted by anyone else.

Stealth Mode:
We have implemented a stealth mode into Family Keylogger, this means you can make the program invisible and also make it run in stealth on startup when windows starts. This is configurable in the options menu when you first run our software. A recent new update adds password protection to the stealth mode stopping prying eyes from disabling our software.

Unlimited License & Free Updates:

Your license to use Family Keylogger is unlimited and can be installed on as many pc's or laptops as you own. Your license also includes FREE updates for the life of the website!. NO other company offers you this promise.

Choose What To Monitor:
Family Keylogger lets you choose what to monitor, you can choose from Keystrokes, Programs, Clipboard & Screenshots and if you want to just monitor one of these - you can do. All the above have options to enable/disable then to save space.

Plus our software also supports: Unicode languages (such as special chars in french, arabic, dutch, ect..), Custom log filename, Configurable log file size, Quick search mode, Ability to change logging folder, Ability to change stealth hotkey,




Latest News....

New website launched, product updated to 2.0 and ready to go.
We would like to anounce that the new website is well and truly open, if you find any bugs could you email support asap. thank you...


Family Keylogger now updated to 2.0 with webcam support and stealth on 32bit systems with extra protection for 64bit.