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Family Keylogger is a parental monitoring Software silently monitoring your kids pc can also assist in beating Cyber Bullies


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Our flagship product is Family Keylogger which is a parental monitor and keylogger designed for use by Parents, Employers, Spouse, Designers, Authors etc...

Parents & Carers:

These days kids use pc's and laptops for everything, they go on websites such as Facebook, Bebo etc and for the parent this can become a nightmare. Our keylogger will let you see everything your child does on the target pc or laptop, it will now even record what's happening on their webcam. Many young children are falling prey to pedophiles who bribe or trick young children into using the webcam, if this is happening you can put a stop before it gets out of hand. Also lets monitor kids to ensure they are not being subjected to cyber bullying or that they are not Cybey Bullies themselves. This software puts you the parent/carer back in control.

Spouse & Partners:

If you do need to monitor your partner or spouse then Family Keylogger is the ideal solution, silently monitoring everything that happens on the target pc including passwords, programs, emails and chat sessions! plus we now also support webcam capturing for a complete all round monitoring solution.


If you think that one of your staff may be stealing from you or that they may be using the pc's at work for personal use, Family Keylogger will help you to monitor everything they do on any works PC!. Our license is for unlimited PC use* so you will not have to spend thousands of pounds on licensing (unlike our competitors!).
* You are allowed to install our software on as many PC's that you own only.

IT Workers & Authors:

Family Keylogger will record ALL keystrokes which means that if you are working on a book or project and the pc shuts or breaks down before you manage to save your work, don't panic!. All your text will be saved automatically into an easy to read log file which you can copy from and start from where you left off.

Family Keylogger lets you record ALL keystrokes, Programs Run, Passwords, Screenshots, Clipboard Activity and now also webcam capturing. Our program runs in stealth and has the ability to send logs to email or FTP!. For more details and to see screenshots and full features of Family Keylogger, please click on the features tab at the top of this webpage. Thank you.


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Latest News....

New website launched, product updated to 2.0 and ready to go.
We would like to anounce that the new website is well and truly open, if you find any bugs could you email support asap. thank you...

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Family Keylogger now updated to 2.0 with webcam support and stealth on 32bit systems with extra protection for 64bit.




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